A few words from Paul Monk

(Founder Working Options)

“I remember so vividly as an 18 year old not having much idea of what was possible to achieve in life and have long wanted to help raise the ceiling of expectation for today's teenagers who find themselves in a similar situation. My parents were very supportive and encouraged me to do well at school but at that time no-one in our family had been to university.

Today the prospect of a perceived financial burden can decrease students and their families' desire for them to pursue a university education. Even before they have to decide between work or university many students arrive at VI Form with GCSE results that are below average and more importantly, behind what they are capable of. It is not too late where this is the case. I want to help as many VI Form students as we are able to realise what is possible in life and work hard to achieve better educational results and successful careers.

I have worked all my career in consumer products, mostly in The Grocery Trade and can wholeheartedly recommend it as an extremely varied and interesting sector to work in. As the biggest employer in The UK it offers a very broad range of careers and roles, recruits from a wide cross section of the community and is well recognised for promoting talent on merit.

This poem was written by a Luton Sixth Form College Student Reeon Wiltshire, who was inspired by our M&I Sessions and wrote this for a Luton Sixth Form based competition

“We all live and breathe the same air
So why is it that certain lives are unfair
Kids from estates with outstanding IQ's
With significant talent that never gets used

Life is a journey, some say a quest
To reach your objective requires your best
Money, success, following fashion
Can all be ignored as these are bi products of passion

Without my passion and drive correlation
I wouldn't be standing here in front of you giving this presentation
The will to progress is instilled in me
To constantly learn and be the best I can be

So why do I deserve this I hear you ask
The truth is we all deserve this that's why we were given the task
If unsuccessful I will have a positive reflection
Of being given the opportunity for the initial selection”

By Reeon Wiltshire

About Working Options in Education

Working Options in Education is a UK-wide careers programme for 16-19 year olds developed by charity Monkey Business Foundation. Our aim is to engage, inspire and motivate sixth form students to realise their full potential and consider employment opportunities in the food, drink and retail industry. We do this by running free motivation and information sessions at state sixth form colleges led by volunteer speakers from industry and through an online careers information hub.

Why is this programme important?

Our young people are Britain's future. Many young people are unsure what is possible in life. They need to be proactive about taking charge of their future careers and ensuring they are work-ready in a competitive marketplace. The Working Options in Education programme helps sixth form college students to find out about opportunities that might be open to them and increases their self-belief and confidence to realise their full potential.

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 To find out more about Working Options in Education, to book a session for a sixth form college, volunteer as a speaker, offer work experience placements or to support us, visit www.workingoptions.co.uk