Luton VI Form WorKingOptions launch a huge success!

“Proudest day of my working career and as I said on Friday, having been to Africa on NGO projects, there is not much that emotionally moves me in our comfortable lives in the UK. However, Friday was something else... I felt so proud of our students and cannot thank you enough for all your support. I am dedicated to making a difference to our students and Luton as a whole, that is what drives me and Friday was a prime example of witnessing what an incredible impact it had on the lives of the 5 finalists”. (Sufian Sadiq - Course Manager).

“Paul, I am writing to thank you for working with Sufian to produce this amazing opportunity for our students. I am sure that this programme will result in great initiative and energy being expended by many of our students and of course, for one, a fantastic opportunity. We are very grateful to you for bringing your expertise, experience and command of resources to the college for the benefit of our students, many of whom you will have already discovered are in need of a helping hand to enable them to make the most of their talents.” (Chris Nicholls - Principal of Luton Sixth Form College).

“Firstly can I just echo both of your comments about not just Friday but the whole process for selecting the Working Options scholar being so fantastic. The first round selection on Wednesday was also an outstanding success, in terms of the quality from which we had to choose the finalists.
As I think I mentioned, I am often working with leaders in industry, perhaps to help them with their presentation skills, and after seeing these young people last week I am equally inspired and humbled at what I observed.” (Fiona Mack - WorKingOptions Programme Director).