Feedback from the WorKingOptions Scholarship Luton Sixth Form College Finals

"It was a wonderful afternoon with some outstanding presentations and excellent students - I know we are all agreed on that!

A very big THANK YOU has to go out to Sufian. You have yet again demonstrated that the preliminary selection round worked well and I know how much personal time and effort you have put in to helping the students to be ready to present to us in a very polished and professional way.

I was particularly delighted to see the impact that the previous finalists have had on this group of students. The coaching and mentoring was evident and their presence during the afternoon demonstrates their on-going commitment to WorKingOptions which is fantast.

All in all THANKS all round. It really is a wonderful initiative, and everyone played their part well."

Kind regards


"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for a fantastic day!!! Well done to you all. I know this is a life changing opportunity for students and the sweat and tears today were a testament to how serious students take this opportunity and the smiles on the short-listed finalists faces, was priceless."

Kindest regards